About us

(as all true stories start) Once upon a time there was a bookshop called Pigs' Wings Books, run by a young blonde-headed girl called Jean.

There was another young girl called Penny who had completed her nursing training in Queensland, and had come to the big smoke of Melbourne. She was interested in reading westerns, romance, fantasy and true crime.Penny found Jean's shop, and started calling in regularly.

At roughly the same time there was an old man from Adelaide who moved to Melbourne to make a fresh start, after a breakdown, and resulting divorce. He discovered a little shop in a side street of Windsor. The shop had things that interested him. Science-fiction, crime fiction, the cute lady that ran the shop, and even though he didn't realise it at that time, his future wife.

After some five years of calling into the shop, drinking, debating and solving the problems of the world on a Friday night, with the other habituees, David suddenly noticed Penny. She was always a big girl, so it wasn't that she'd managed to hide from him, but rather that he had his own set of problems and inviting another person to share them had not been on his agenda.

Needless to say, it was Love, and they married, and the Friday night bookshop crowd, and a large portion of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club attended the wedding. Penny and David even allowed their New Zealander friends to attend.

Penny was still nursing , and David was selling books at the markets. In 1991 Penny told David to go and set up a shop, which he did on a corner in St Kilda, opening his doors on April 1st :-) . ( he didn't realise that the major competition would be the prostitutes who started displaying their wares, when David put his away.

About a year later, Penny decided that she had had enough of nursing and the direction hospital politics was taking it. She indicated to David that he should think about finding another shop this time for herself and their grey cat Telzey. Two weeks later saw the opening of the shop at 38 Chapel Street Windsor on March 1st, where Penny is still, with her cat-erie of three felines, and the genuine straw broom that she uses each day (only for cleaning of course). After 26 years, Penny moved to 227 Glenferrie Rd Malvern, taking the cats and phone number. David managed to follow her!

After 14 years the landlord of David's shop sold out to developers, and David had to find new accommodation, which he did, up at 668 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South opening 22nd October 2005. Of course,as always, David managed to complicate things, by having a heart attack, surviving, having a second go at a heart attack, after moving shop, while continuing to trade on the Internet.

Penny and David are still married, and share their business with Kaos, Eris, LeeLoo and Killishandra, who are the Next Gen, the first cats succumbing to old age

They hope eventually to merge both shops into a single building, but haven't found one that is large enough yet. Their interests are still books, and each other and the cats, although the order is subject to change without notice.

Feb 2013, all three cats have gone to cat heaven.

We now have Kaos, Eris and Killishandra. Pictures soonish.